All About BOSS

BOSS Operate Three Provisions

Term-Time Breakfast club

A supervision service will be provided before the start of the school day from within the Toll Centre during term-time. Qualified, experienced staff will walk the children along to Burntisland Primary School in time for the start of the school day.  Food will be provided during the Early Start club if required. (07:45 - 09:00)

Term-Time After School Club

A pickup service will be provided from Burntisland Primary School at the end of the school day during term-time.  Qualified, experienced staff then care for the children and walk them along to the Toll Centre.  A snack is provided for the children upon arrival at the Toll Centre and outdoor play in the Toll Centre garden is available when the weather is suitable. (15:00 - 18:00)

Holiday Club

During all school in service days and holidays (excluding the Christmas holiday period and Fife Council public holidays) a holiday club will operate from the Toll Centre.  From 8am until 6pm.  A daily morning and afternoon snack is provided for the children and a packed lunch must be provided by the parent/carer.  There will be organised excursions to

local places of interest, this is expected to include swimming and play centres, and additionally out

door play at the Toll Centre garden is available when the weather is suitable.   Specific stimulating activities will also be provided within the Toll Centre throughout each holiday club.  Full day and Half day places are available. Please see our events page for details on our summer holiday club.

All of our Clubs have different zones in which children can play with age appropriate toys.  The children can choose from a wide range of activities to keep them occupied. We provide a quiet area for

children to read or watch a DVD.   There is also a homework room for older children to complete their homework assigned at school.

Our Aims

  • Promote the care and education of children in need of care during out of school hours, school holidays & in-service days
  • Promote the provision of facilities for the recreation and other leisure-time occupation of such children in the interest of social welfare with the object of improving their conditions of life
  • Advance the education and training of persons providing such care, education and recreational facilities
  • Provide a safe, secure, caring, welcoming and stimulating environment in which children feel secure to explore and experiment confidently
  • Promote equal opportunities for all staff, children and parents/carers
  • Provide quality care
  • Provide opportunities for children to develop individually and socially through progressive play
  • Provide facilities for children to become confident individuals
  • Promote a healthy understanding and respect for natural values
  • Develop and promote positive relationships with the children and their parents/carers
  • Develop and maintain positive relationships with other organisations in the community through trips and outings